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Hi :) Welcome to my blog. My name is Cel :) a typical Filipina. Simple. Imperfect. A bit MOODY but Friendly. Some of my friends used to call me "PAG-IBIG" I don't know why? Haha :D I'm a girl with big dreams. I am silent. People misjudge me as a snob, but, really I'm not. I love the colors pink, black and white. I so love mcdo fries too. Uhmm.. It's quite hard to introduce ones self, so there, maybe the above facts will do. If you still ain't contented with those, feel free to buzz me up here & lets talk. Dont worry! I don't bite. Hehe :D Have a lovely day!
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THIS! :))) #qouteoftheday #dowhatmakesyouhappy #headupandsmile #igph

THIS! :))) #qouteoftheday #dowhatmakesyouhappy #headupandsmile #igph

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